Did Square Enix Accidentally Confirm Aerith’s Fate in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Square might have accidentally confirmed Aerith’s fate during the latest presentation of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in State of Play. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, perhaps you should stop reading.

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We’re about to delve deep into the details of both the original Final Fantasy VII and the Remake trilogy. This discussion will contain major spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Square Enix Might Have Confirmed That Aerith Dies in FFVII Rebirth

If you watch the trailer closely, there’s a specific scene where the entire party is battling Sephiroth, except for Aerith Gainsborough, the last Ancient. This strongly suggests that Aerith might not be present for the final battle of the game, aligning with the original plot of Final Fantasy VII.


However, even if this is true, I question whether Square Enix would allow events to unfold in the exact same way. Allowing Aerith to live could potentially ruin the game and the trilogy for many long-time fans. On the other hand, not changing how it happens could make the moment less exciting.

That being said, Square Enix has a history of revealing too much information in their trailers, and they might have done so again. We not only see that Aerith is absent in the fight against Sephiroth, but we also see that Cloud stabs Sephiroth with the Buster Sword, only to be gently embraced by him, who seems to have anticipated this outcome. This is when the trailer becomes particularly intriguing for me.


We know that Sephiroth and Jenova had such an influence over Cloud’s mind that Cloud even attacked Aerith in the original game. In the scene where Cloud stabs Sephiroth, it appears quite clear that Sephiroth intended for it to happen. I believe there’s a high chance that Cloud will stab the last Cetra, thinking he is attacking Sephiroth. This would certainly explain Sephiroth’s gentle embrace after being stabbed, as it would actually be Aerith’s gentle embrace. She would understand that Cloud was not in control and wouldn’t want him to bear this guilt.

It’s not surprising that Square Enix has been hinting at Aerith Gainsborough’s death since the first game of the trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Remake. During many different moments of that game, Cloud sees flashes of the moment when Sephiroth mercilessly murders everyone’s favorite Cetra. Although that scene might have traumatized an entire generation, it’s often regarded by fans as the most important scene in Final Fantasy VII. It’s only after that trauma that Cloud can find his true self, and it’s because Aerith is in the Lifestream that Meteor is stopped. So, is history repeating itself?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases exclusively on PS5 on Feb. 29, 2024.

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