Longinus Spear in The Land Beneath Us
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The Best Overkill Build in The Land Beneath Us

Overkill is absolutely broken in The Land Beneath Us.

After spending some time understanding the battle system of The Land Beneath Us, I’ve managed to develop an overkill build to become an undying soul collector. If you’re looking for a build that will make you overpowered, here’s the best Overkill build in The Land Beneath Us.

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The Best Build in The Land Beneath Us

All the following weapons work with the best Overkill build in The Land Beneath Us, but I recommend you to try your best to get at least one with a healing property.


WeaponAttack DescriptionOverkill Effect
LonginusHits all enemies within 2 tilesHeals 3 HP
Death ScytheHits all enemies in a width of 3 tilesRoundslash deals 6 damage, then heals 2 per enemy hit
Lance of NicleationHits all enemies within 2 tiles; Assault: Beam deals 1 critical DMG to a random enemy (+1 per stack)Gain 1 stack
Overkill SpearHits all enemies within 2 tilesThe next attack deals 17 DMG instead
Bloody EdgeHits an enemy 1 tile awayGain 1 stack; each 20 stacks adds +2 DMG to the weapon
Overkill BladeHits an enemy 1 tile awayHeals 3 HP
Overkill PistolFires a shot 3 tiles awayShoots a beam that deals 9 DMG to all enemies within 4 tiles

You need at least Fork and Dish for this build to really come online. Try your best to visit event rooms to upgrade your Relics since this is what really makes this build come online.


RelicBase EffectEnhanced Effect
ForkWhen activating Overkill, you have a 25% chance to apply 1 Shield to selfThe chance of applying shield increases to 50%
Guard UpOn starting a room, apply 1 Shield to selfThe first damage taken in a room will heal you instead
DishWhen activating Overkill, activate Overkill once againWhen you activate Overkill, activate Overkill from all weapons

The core idea of this build is to use at least one weapon that heals you when you trigger Overkill and to utilize only weapons with the Overkill property. A weapon’s Overkill is triggered every time you defeat an enemy with that weapon. However, the most crucial part of the build is the relics that make Overkill truly overpowered.

  • Dish: Activates the Overkill effect twice.
  • Fork: Adds 1 Shield to Sven every time Overkill is triggered.
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The rest is flexible, but I recommend Guard Up since it always adds a shield when starting a room and can heal you when you take damage if enhanced. Shield is a cumulative resource that can stack up to 10. When you have Shield and are hit by an attack, you lose 1 Shield instead of taking damage.

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